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Amber Spencer

Keeping It Immersive: H&T Pawnbrokers’ Ever-Changing Catalog with Tangiblee’s Assistance

H&T Pawnbrokers

H&T Pawnbrokers

With over 270 stores nationwide, H&T Pawnbrokers is the largest organization of its kind in the United Kingdom. Headquartered in Sutton, the company has been buying and selling pre-owned luxury items for over 120 years. They also operate a digital retail brand known as H&T Jewellery, stocking and shipping a wide range of high-end watches and jewelry. 

Quality is the one thing H&T prides themself on above all else. Every single one of their products undergoes strict testing and scrutiny, and every sale comes with a thirty day return policy. Online shoppers can also request to have a selected product in H&T's catalog shipped to the nearest physical retail outlet, allowing them to view the item in-person. 

Yet as more and more people began to shop online, H&T concluded that these measures weren’t quite enough. With an ambition to become the market leader for preowned jewellery and watches H&T realized it had to continually evolve, and try and bring together the store and online experience. Virtual Try On achieved just this. 

This ultimately led to H&T being the first pawnbroker Tangiblee has ever worked with.

The Challenge: Quality Amidst Constant Change

H&T Jewellery's product catalog is constantly in flux, and they rarely have time to take new model imagery. Not only are their SKUs constantly changing, product turnover is also incredibly quick. Products sold to the company are often repurchased shortly after being listed.

“We don’t have inventory like normal e-commerce websites have,” stated Amber Spencer, E-Commerce Manager at H&T Pawnbrokers. “There is only one of each of our products and once it is bought it is gone from our website, so as you can imagine we needed a technology that could keep up with our fast paced and dynamic catalog.”

With this in mind, the company was in search of a scalable solution that could help them build a dynamic library of product images and provide customers with an online shopping experience that would closely resemble their in-store experience.

Enter Tangiblee

After engaging with Tangiblee, H&T deployed our On-Model and Virtual Try On features. 

On-Model allows customers to view H&T's watches and jewelry on a model’s hand without requiring any additional photography from H&T. Customers can engage with the products by zooming in and out and moving the item. 

Virtual Try-On uses augmented reality to help shoppers visualize how a product might look on themselves. Shoppers can snap a quick photo of themselves and the product will realistically be placed on them. 

Tangiblee was able to deploy our solution to H&T very quickly. Only a short time after they spoke to us, both features were up and running on the company's website. And most importantly, we can easily handle the company's ever-changing catalog and keep up with product turnover — all without them having to worry about a thing.


Prior to deploying Tangiblee, H&T initiated a three-month proof of concept with us. They saw a 380.55% increase in conversion rates and a 120.23% increase in revenue per visitor during this period. 

H&T was so impressed with these results that they wanted to roll over into a full contract by the end of the month. One of the things they appreciate most is how involved our team is — as with all our customers, we approached our partnership with H&T as a collaborative effort. 

“We truly enjoyed working with Tangiblee. Their communication and responsiveness exceeded our expectations. They made the process pain-free and continue to manage all of the heavy-lifting,” stated Amber Spencer. “I have seen upcoming projects that Tangiblee is working on which adds to my excitement to see how they continue to develop their proposition.”

The Tangiblee Management Portal has also been incredibly beneficial. The detailed analytics and insights it provides allow H&T to see Tangiblee’s direct impact on Conversion Rate and Revenue Per Session, ensuring they are never left in the dark about their online retail operations.


Increase in Conversion Rate

For users who interacted with Tangiblee

Amber Spencer


Overall, the experience with Tangiblee has been positive enough that H&T wants our solution all over their website, and are constantly looking for ways to continue innovating and using Tangiblee. We look forward to a long and collaborative relationship with H&T, and the feeling is mutual.

Amber Spencer

Amber Spencer

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