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Daniel Stoppel

Jewlr Partners With Tangiblee to Give Customers a More Immersive Online Shopping Experience


Jewlr is a revolutionary online, direct-to-consumer jewelry store that helps customers design and purchase personalized products at a fraction of traditional retail prices. By eliminating obstacles associated with a typical jewelry buying experience, like pushy salespeople, limited selection, and high costs, the company provides a unique virtual shopping experience backed by its 99-day return policy - even on personalized orders. 

Founded in 2009, Jewlr offers over 4000 styles and has served over 750,000 satisfied customers. Their mission is to provide an incredible online jewelry-buying experience that’s fast, easy, affordable, and fun.

The Challenge: Increasing Customer Satisfaction 

Many jewelers struggle with conversion rates when customers lack confidence in shopping online. And it makes sense, not just with jewelry but across clothing, shoes, and accessories. Returns remain a significant pain point for online jewelry retailers, so creating a shopping experience that boosts customer satisfaction is a must-have in this industry.

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Jewlr recognized this and knew they had to infuse Virtual Try-On technology to enhance the customer experience. In doing so, they hoped to increase buyer confidence and satisfaction while maximizing their average order value.

“Jewelry is very personal which can make it difficult to purchase online,” remarked Daniel Stoppel, President & CEO of Jewlr. “We provide custom jewelry, so we also wanted to provide a custom shopping experience.”


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Daniel Stoppel

Enter Tangiblee: Instilling Value and Assurance With Virtual Try-On (VTO)

When Jewlr’s team met with Tangiblee at a trade show, they were immediately intrigued by what the platform could do. They were particularly impressed by Tangiblee’s Lifestyle Content capability to generate photorealistic content from existing product images. 

“We were impressed with Tangiblee’s technology, but were not totally convinced,” commented Daniel Stoppel. “The team was very supportive of our need to test on a smaller scale before fully rolling out.”

Jewlr originally signed on to cover only a small portion of their catalog as they didn’t know what results to expect and were mainly looking to test new technology. However, since they had very little to maintain given that Tangiblee does the heavy lifting, they quickly upgraded to VTO, an AR feature that enables customers to visualize products on themselves or a virtual model.  

Daniel Stoppel

Results: An Impressive Increase in Conversion Rate and Revenue Per Visitor

Jewlr experienced the value that Tangiblee brought to their company firsthand when initial A/B testing showed outstanding results. After moving to Virtual Try-On, Jewlr saw a 10.4% increase in conversion rate and a 15.38% increase in revenue per visitor (RPV). 

“The results speak for themselves. We were very pleased with the increase in both conversion rate and RPV,” stated Daniel Stoppel.

Tangiblee created an interactive shopping experience, mimicking the feel of a brick-and-mortar store. Having real-life comparisons gave customers the confidence to buy their personalized designs.


Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)

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Daniel Stoppel

What’s Next: A Lasting Partnership

Jewlr values its partnership with the Tangiblee team. This partnership not only provides Jewlr with a powerful platform, but also a supportive partner that fully understands the company’s needs.  

Going forward, Jewlr plans to continue collaborating with Tangiblee to unlock innovative ways to improve the personalized jewelry buying experience for ongoing customer satisfaction and accelerated e-commerce growth.

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