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Craig Shields

JTV Creates an Interactive and Innovative Shopping Experience with Tangiblee


It all started in a small Greeneville television studio in 1993 when a new company known as America's Collectibles Network ® aired its first broadcast - the brainchild of Bill Kouns, Bob Hall and Jerry Sisk Jr. The focus of ACN was initially quite broad, covering everything from baseball cards and quilts to electronics and knives. But as time went on and the company continued to grow, the founders realized there was one kind of item they enjoyed selling more than any other, jewelry.

In 2002, the company officially rebranded as Jewelry Television (JTV). Since then, JTV has grown into one of the largest jewelry retailers in the U.S., and a global leader in video retail. JTV's mission is quite simple — opening the world of jewelry and gemstones to everyone. To that end, JTV employs numerous Graduate Gemologists and Accredited Jewelry Professionals. JTV's selection is also quite diverse, featuring gems of all shapes and sizes along with lab-grown diamonds.

JTV exhibits jewelry and gemstone expertise, offering incredible prices on a wide variety of different products. Known for the efficiency and dependability of its delivery services, the company prioritizes convenience and customer satisfaction over everything else. JTV constantly seeks new ways to cultivate engagement and loyalty amongst its audience.

Craig Shields

The Challenge: Lights, Camera, Interaction

In addition to 24/7 live broadcasts hosted in one of its six high-definition television studios, JTV maintains an online storefront, a mobile app, a YouTube channel, and a livestream. JTV's multi-channel approach has long empowered its audience with a myriad of options for both shopping and education. As an innovator, the company wanted to take things a step further and deliver a more interactive, augmented online retail experience. This would be the same across sales channels, for more immersive and consistent omnichannel shopping. It was through this pursuit that it discovered Tangiblee.

Enter Tangiblee: Augmenting the Shopping Experience

Tangiblee on
Tangiblee on On Model

JTV first encountered Tangiblee at a trade show, where Chief Digital Officer, Craig Shields, immediately recognized the platform's potential. Initially, the company was most interested in Tangiblee Studio, which creates photorealistic content from existing product images.

Interestingly, rather than rely on Tangiblee's extensive library of models, JTV opted to shoot model imagery of its own specifically for the solution implementation. In addition to using real life models, JTV wanted to make sure their online experience offered a more practical solution for customers - specifically to compare one piece of jewelry with other items in the catalog and provide an easy way to contextualize items. For example, a customer can compare a piece of jewelry to a familiar item, such as a quarter or a dime, and quickly understand the relative size of the item they wish to purchase.

Tangiblee on JTV
Tangiblee on Compare feature

Not long after the AR Solution was implemented at JTV, the Tangiblee team met with Vice President of Digital Commerce, Jessica Kemp, to discuss the new innovative feature. It was during this meeting, JTV also decided to incorporate the most exciting feature of all -  Virtual Try-On. Virtual Try-On is a web-based, markerless AR platform that allows shoppers to view jewelry either on their own body or on a model.

JTV also worked with Tangiblee to implement jewelry stacking which allows shoppers to add multiple rings, bracelets, necklaces, and other accessories to the same photo.

Tangiblee Virtual Try-On for
Tangiblee on Virtual Try-On (Bracelet)
Tangiblee on JTV: VTO
Craig Shields

Results: A More Immersive One-Stop Shop For Jewelry

Having both seen and experienced firsthand the value of VTO for its products, JTV opted to deploy the solution to its sister site, online jewelry marketplace, Jedora. The company has also been an active collaborator, regularly providing Tangiblee with feedback and insights on how they might improve their products. Most recently JTV shared its thoughts on adding a filter to enhance customers’ try on experience.

"By bringing an in-store shopping experience directly to our customers, JTV continues to live out our mission to make the world of jewelry and gemstones more accessible to all," explains Shields.

"By bringing an in-store shopping experience directly to our customers, JTV continues to live out our mission to make the world of jewelry and gemstones more accessible to all," explains Shields.

Craig Shields

"We're very excited about our partnership with Tangiblee. Working with them helps us uphold our reputation as early-adopters of industry-changing innovations while also creating a more engaging jewelry and accessory shopping experience."

What’s Next: Tangiblee for TV

Not content to simply add Tangiblee to its virtual storefronts, JTV has plans to do something completely unprecedented. In the near future, products featured in JTV's live television and web broadcasts will include QR codes for Tangiblee VTO. It's an incredibly forward-thinking innovation, and one JTV is happy to make a reality.

“We’re extremely energized by our partnership with JTV and look forward to unlocking new and innovative ways for their online customers to interact with JTV products,” says Ryan McLaughlin, Director of Accounts at Tangiblee.

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