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Yuvi Alpert

How Tangiblee increased Noemie’s conversions without compromising its brand aesthetic

Noemie Jewelry

Noemie is a fine jewelry label that prides itself on creating jewelry for all of life’s occasions. With over 40 years of fine jewelry expertise, Noemie was seeking out a tech solution to further elevate their customers’ online shopping experience. The jewelry retailer sells rings, bracelets, earrings, and necklaces. With their legacy of craftsmanship, Noemie additionally offers jewelry customization services where customers can design their own pieces with a skilled design team. 

Noemie has always had a strong online e-commerce presence. A majority of Noemie’s revenue is generated through their e-commerce site. This is why it was so crucial that any addition to their site enhances the customers’ experience. The brand aesthetic is another major aspect of Noemie and maintaining that aesthetic is paramount. 

Challenges: Implementing new tech while maintaining brand aesthetic

Noemie prides itself on their brand aesthetic and visuals. A lot of other solutions aren’t customizable in terms of look which can create an inconsistent experience for customers.

“Visuals are very important to our brand. We want everything on our website to match our curated aesthetic and Tangiblee was able to offer that,” remarked Yuvi Alpert, CEO and Founder of Noemie.

Offering Virtual Try-On capabilities is almost a necessity for jewelry retailers now, so Noemie knew that they needed to offer this feature while preserving the company’s look and feel. “We have to keep up with the trends of the industry and we want to offer our customers the best experience possible,” said Yuvi Alpert.


Conversion Rate

Users that interacted with Tangiblee (April-June 2021)

Yuvi Alpert

Enter Tangiblee: Offering on-brand Virtual Try-On

Noemie came to Tangiblee in 2021 because they were looking to provide their customers with an interactive on-brand experience.

The conversation was centered around the need for personalization to meet Noemie’s strict brand guidelines and to drive revenue. Tangiblee offers On-Model Lifestyle Imagery which automatically converts existing 2D product imagery into fully rendered, photorealistic virtual 3D model imagery. Noemie wanted to provide their own images that matched their branding.

Tangiblee on-model

“Tangiblee made implementation easy. They worked hard to meet our brand standards and create a customer experience for our site,” says Yuvi Alpert.

Tangiblee additionally implemented multiple innovative features within VTO to elevate Noemie's customer experience. This includes Ring Stacking, Multi-SKU Bundling, Skin Tone Slider, and Compare To.

The Ring Stacking feature allows customers to put multiple rings on their fingers and create a custom curated look. After creating a custom look with multiple products, customers can add all the products directly to their cart with a few simple clicks through Multi-SKU Bundling.

This feature increases sell-through and revenue per visitor by allowing customers to buy multiple products at once with a few simple clicks rather than having to go into each separate PDP. Customers can additionally adjust the skin tone within the on-model imagery to match their own. This feature promotes inclusivity and allows customers to get a realistic picture of how the jewelry would look on their skin tone.

Yuvi Alpert

To address sizing discrepancies, Noemie implemented Compare To. This feature allows customers to compare pieces to other lifestyle products including a tube of lipstick or a cellphone. This feature increases conversion while decreasing returns.

Results: On-brand customizations prove successful through increased conversions

Noemie has done incredibly well with online revenue. With the implementation of Tangiblee, their success has only grown.

From April 2021 to the end of June 2021, Noemie saw a 118.71% increase in conversions with Tangiblee. The Tangiblee solution allows customers to try on products and gain a realistic image of what the product will look like. This leads more customers to purchase with confidence.

Noemie additionally saw a 125.01% increase in revenue per visitor (RPV). Customers not only are making more purchases, but also buying multiple pieces during their online visit.

“We were incredibly impressed with Tangiblee’s success on our site,” stated Yuvi Alpert. “The results were almost immediate and we were able to track progress through the Tangiblee Management Portal. Tangiblee made it very easy for us to be involved and were transparent with results.”


Revenue Per Visitor

Users that interacted with Tangiblee (April-June 2021)

Yuvi Alpert

What’s Next: Continuing innovation

Noemie looks forward to continuing to provide an excellent online shopping experience for their customers with Tangiblee.

“Tangiblee’s team is constantly informing us of new features that we can implement on our site. They are super responsive and a great team to work with,” says Yuvi Alpert. “Tangiblee is genuinely invested in the success of our brand and we trust them to continue to drive online revenue for Noemie.”

Noemie and Tangiblee look forward to continuing their collaboration and adding new features as they come.

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