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Jabel Riera

Global Jewelry Brand PDPAOLA Uses Tangiblee to Boost Conversions


Siblings Paola and Humbert shared a strong passion for revolutionizing the jewelry industry back in 2014. So they quit their jobs, in Architecture and Finance, respectively, and set forth to develop PDPAOLA, now recognized worldwide for its unique products and experiences. Headquartered in Barcelona and revered in over 2000 points of sale across the globe, PDPAOLA has become an internationally recognized jewelry brand. 

Driven by five core values: Creativity, Humbleness, Family, Confidence, and Boldness, PDPAOLA aims to move and inspire others as they nurture their values within themselves and their brand. With sustainability at the forefront of their mission, their goal is to inspire the women who inspire them every single day. 

Challenges: Elevating the Brand in a Saturated Market

The PDPAOLA team continuously strives to become a better version of itself. Believing that environmental and social responsibility is the way forward, it needed a way to stand out in an overly saturated market. 

“Our main priority is our customer,” stated Jabel Riera, CTO and CXO at PDPaola. “We want to do whatever we can to enhance their experience.”

“We take a lot of pride in our brand aesthetic and imagery, so the fact that Tangiblee was able to repurpose that in creating interactive experiences for our customers was huge for us,”

PDPAOLA wanted to show their customers that their commitment to them was real. So, it decided to give Tangiblee a test run with the hopes of increasing buyer confidence and satisfaction while maximizing the revenue per visitor. It also wanted something that was on-brand and scalable for their entire online catalog. PDPAOLA already had a great collection of imagery – it simply needed a solution that didn’t require a lot of heavy lifting on their end.


Conversion Rate

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Jabel Riera
Jabel Riera

Jabel Riera

Enter Tangiblee: An Interactive Journey for Online Shoppers Craving Hands-On Experiences

PDPAOLA joined forces with Tangiblee in April 2022, to begin implementing Virtual Try-On (VTO) requiring little effort on PDPAOLA’s part. Instead of shooting new imagery, Tangiblee found that they could leverage existing assets found on the company’s product pages. This meant very little lift was required from PDPAOLA’s side for Tangiblee to work their magic. Tangiblee extracted all the details for each SKU's content to generate an interactive, on-brand product experience for every product in their online catalog. 

After A/B testing, PDPaola maximized their revenue per visitor by implementing the stacking feature for rings, leading customers to buy more than one product per sale.

“We take a lot of pride in our brand aesthetic and imagery, so the fact that Tangiblee was able to repurpose that in creating interactive experiences for our customers was huge for us,” remarked Jabel Riera. 

Creating a more customer-centric experience while repurposing their existing content was a top priority for PDPAOLA. To meet this priority, PDPAOLA implemented Tangiblee to allow their customers to stack multiple pieces of jewelry to create a look that’s both personalized and flattering. With dynamic comparison items, shoppers can find stylish combinations to virtually try on before buying. This not only enhances the customer’s “hands-on” experience but also increases PDPAOLA’s revenue per visitor (RPV).

Results: Multiple Websites In Multiple Countries Increased Revenue Per Visitor

The A/B tests were incredibly successful, generating a 7.3% increase in revenue per visitor and a 4.5% increase in conversion rate. Convinced — PDPAOLA was now ready to roll out Tangiblee across their international websites. 

PDPAOLA assisted the Tangiblee team in accurately transcribing the CTAs for each country within the VTO jewelry experience. 

It’s clear that customers were more confident with finalizing their purchases when PDPAOLA implemented Tangiblee.

“We were not only impressed with the results we saw with Tangiblee, but also with the experience of working with them,” remarked Jabel Riera, CTO and CXO of PDPaola. “The Tangiblee team is hands-on throughout the entire process and have continued to maintain the software for us.”


Revenue Per Visitor

Users that saw Tangiblee

What’s Next: Continuing Innovation and Engagement

PDPAOLA is looking forward to continued adventure with Tangiblee. The stacking use case is a priority for PDPAOLA with plans to expand earring and bracelet charm stacking. 

The company’s partnership with Tangiblee has given them the confidence to continue optimizing and creating the most engaging shopping experience possible.

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