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Krissie Milan

Inside fashion brand Rebecca Minkoff's e-Commerce innovation strategy

Rebecca Minkoff


Rebecca Minkoff is a designer known for blending the best of high-end, high-quality, and statement- making design. Digital innovation is at the core of the company’s vision, which is why the brand has gained international recognition for bridging the worlds of high fashion with consumer accessibility. The company has a deep commitment to innovation efforts to create a more helpful, guided experience for shoppers online.

“I did a lot of work on digital strategy for Fortune 500 companies,” says Krissie Millan, VP of e-commerce and Digital Innovation at Rebecca Minkoff. “Innovation has always been a part of my career, which is what led me to Rebecca Minkoff.”

Millan joined the company to further her passion for helping luxury brands become more accessible and deliver stronger value propositions to wider audiences.“There’s an obsession with putting the customer at the center of everything,” says Millan.

“We focus our learning to how they think, how they behave, and what different interests they have with respect to their lifestyles.” “We always seek to push boundaries as technology evolves.”

“We saw Tangiblee as a resource to help bridge the gap from consideration to purchase in our shopper’s journeys.”

“We saw Tangiblee as a resource to help bridge the gap from consideration to purchase in our shopper’s journeys.”

Krissie Milan

Enter Tangiblee

One of Rebecca Minkoff’s retail experience goals is to provide a consistent customer experience in stores, with retail partners, and of course—online. But this goal is often a challenging one.

“We’ve been pioneers in what many retailers call the ‘see, buy, wear’ movement and have become focused on becoming a direct-to-consumer business,” Millan explains. “One of the things that we’ve noticed, to be successful in this space, is to provide immediate gratification to shoppers.”

Immediate gratification does not necessarily mean bells and whistles—it means returning to the fundamentals of what makes a strong in-person shopping experience.

Long story short, shoppers want confidence in the products that they’re buying. It’s up to Millan and her team to make that goal a reality.

Krissie Milan

“About a year and a half ago, when our team was planning its technical roadmap and strategy, one of my teammates came across Tangiblee,” says Millan.

“We saw Tangiblee as a resource to help bridge the gap from consideration to purchase in our shoppers’ journeys. It was an easy decision for us to use Tangiblee because, from a conversion optimization standpoint, there isn’t anything quite like it.”

For Rebecca Minkoff, Tangiblee’s service gives shoppers a true-to-life perspective of the products they’re considering buying. Shoppers can assess the size, scale, and dimensions of a product to answer the mission-critical question—” is this product right for me?”


Revenue Per Visitor

Krissie Milan

Tangiblee's Value

“We focused our tests around strategic placements of call to action (CTA) cues,” says Millan.

“We tested Tangiblee near ‘add to cart’ buttons and throughout the site. We experimented with aesthetics to align with our brand’s overall look and feel.”

At the 3-month mark, Millan and her team saw statistically significant lifts — 9% in terms of conversion rate and 13-15% in terms of average order values (AOVs) — signals that Tangiblee was improving shopping experiences on a holistic level.

After 6 months, the team at Rebecca Minkoff recognized the need for Tangiblee to become a core part of the company’s brand experience strategy.


Conversion Rate


Average Order Value

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