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Kody Buxton

How world-renowned brand Victorinox accelerated their e-commerce growth with Tangiblee


Victorinox is known around the world for their Swiss Army knives and iconic red and white design. For more than 130 years, Victorinox has provided the highest quality products including Swiss Army knives, household and professional knives, watches, and more. Customers have long trusted this brand to provide exceptional quality products. 

With an established reputation for quality, Victorinox wants the quality of their customers’ experience to match.

Challenges: Communicating product sizes

For Victorinox, like many other retailers, visually communicating product sizes online is a pain-point. It is becoming increasingly important to provide an interactive size solution to customers, which helps minimize returns. 

Not only are returns expensive for retailers in terms of time and resources; they can also negatively impact customer confidence. By implementing immersive and interactive sizing tools online, retailers can both reduce costs and increase customer confidence, leading to a more positive shopping experience.

Victorinox: Tangiblee Compare on mobile.

Victorinox sells a variety of Swiss Army knives, cutlery knives, watches, and travel gear that all come in a variety of sizes. Each item has its own challenges when it comes to communicating size. Some of the differences in their products are within centimeters, making it very difficult for online shoppers to confidently purchase the correct size.

Victorinox started searching for a solution that addressed these size differences head-on.


Revenue per visitor

for users who interacted with Tangiblee

Kody Buxton

Enter Tangiblee: Using interactive lifestyle imagery to communicate size 

Victorinox was looking to enhance their customer experience and minimize returns when they found Tangiblee. They brought Tangiblee onto their US site to cover all categories besides fragrance. Tangiblee started by providing Lifestyle Imagery and Compare To for Victorinox. As both companies grew, Virtual Try-On (VTO) was added for watches. 

Although Tangiblee’s three main categories are currently furniture, jewelry, and handbags, the partnership with Victorinox is helping us accelerate innovation across a wider variety of categories–including kitchenware.

Tangiblee on Victorinox via desktop and mobile
Victorinox: Compare on Desktop & Mobile

Victorinox knew that Tangiblee would be able to cover bags and watches, but they were searching for a platform that could also cover their Swiss Army and cutlery knives. Tangiblee was able to adapt their product to fit Victorinox's needs and create a consistent shopping experience across their entire website.

In addition to other immersive shopping technologies, Tangiblee uses custom backgrounds for the various products in Victorinox’s catalog to aid in communicating size.

“We were excited by the challenge of implementing across a category that we had never worked with before,” stated Matt Pettigrew, VP of Sales at Tangiblee.

Kody Buxton

Results: Increase in key metrics leads to global roll-out

On average, Victorinox saw a 106.8% increase in conversion rate and a 116.9% increase in revenue per visitor for customers who interacted with Tangiblee.

Victorinox was impressed with the results that Tangiblee was able to provide and proceeded to sign contracts for their Europe, Asia, and Mexico markets.

Tangiblee’s solution provides customers with that extra boost of confidence that they needed when purchasing a Victorinox product online. Customers were not only purchasing more often, but they were placing larger orders than they were previously.

“Seeing these types of results in a new category is incredibly gratifying as a company,” remarks Matt Pettigrew. “We are grateful to have the opportunity to prove ourselves in this space with Victorinox and look forward to providing even more value moving forward.”


Conversion rate increase

for users who interacted with Tangiblee

Kody Buxton

What’s Next: Tangiblee for Kitchen

“We look forward to continuing our relationship the entire Victorinox team,” stated Tangiblee's VP of Sales Matt Pettigrew. “This [kitchen] category has proven to be a success with Tangiblee and we look to capitalize on that and continue expanding our category reach.”

Tangiblee plans to continue innovating alongside Victorinox and accelerating their e-commerce growth.

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