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How can AR be utilized by Virtual Consultants?

Kenzie DeLong
December 2, 2022

Augmented Reality (AR) has been used by countless retailers to elevate their online shopping experience. However, AR can do so much more. 

A major disconnect between online and in-person shopping is not being able to ask for advice from sales associates. Online chatbots are evolving but still lack the human interaction and personalization that shoppers get with a consultant. This is especially prevalent in the luxury shopping sector of online retail. 

Luxury shopping is an experience and it is important for luxury retailers to try and replicate that experience online as well. One of the ways that they are able to do that is through virtual consultants. Shoppers are able to still have the luxury experience, but aren’t held back due to store locations. 

So how can online retailers offer personal consultations?

With Tangiblee, virtual consultants are able to see how a product looks on a shopper and make specific custom recommendations. This provides the shopper with a personal connection and recommendation from an expert. Consultants are able to increase cross-selling and revenue per visitor. 

Our Virtual Try-On (VTO) experience allows the shopper to virtually try on a product. A consultant can then view the item on the shopper and add products to create a stacked look or suggest a different product. Especially for luxury retailers, the experience is everything and offering a virtual consultation is a way to provide that experience online. 


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