Tangiblee launches web-based, markerless augmented reality experience for jewelry & watch retailers

November 15, 2021

Tangiblee has launched a web-based augmented reality “Try-On” feature for jewelry and watch e-commerce retailers. Tangiblee is expanding its existing experience platform to include an AR experience that uses a retailer’s existing 2D product image and renders it (at scale) on a user’s hand or wrist.

Roll out to existing jewelry retail clients has begun with the Rings and Bracelets categories with plans to add Earrings & Necklace Pendant categories by November 2020. The Chicago-based tech company has also released its luxury watch Try-On experience that includes an on-screen “wrist calibration” feature for users to quickly measure their wrist width.

Unlike most augmented reality programs, Tangiblee’s webAR solution was designed for ‘non-tech’ users, catering to the ‘everyday consumer’. And, their technology uses a more precise detection algorithm. Its finger-detection capability can identify the contours of a user’s finger in a more granular way, beyond what the existing ARKit (framework most AR Try-On applications utilize) detection capabilities.

The technology accurately ‘places’ a piece of jewelry (a ring, for example) on the user’s finger-automatically- giving the user a hyper-personalized, visual 1-on-1 interaction with the product.  Co-founder/CEO Eliad Inbar said: “We worked backward from user feedback and internal MVP results while building out the full functionality. It’s really exciting to see user reactions during that ‘magic moment’ when the ring appears on the finger - exactly where they imagined it would be and the flash of confidence that comes with it...”.

Tangiblee’s UX is one of the few markerless, webAR solutions that only need an existing product image from the retailer’s product detail page – not a 3D model image or CAD file.  Just like the rest of Tangiblee’s product experience platform, the goal is to optimize engagement between a shopper and any given product – allowing shoppers (users) engaging with the UX to Add to Cart, ‘Try-On’ alternative product variations (stack different rings on different fingers on a user’s hand), and even share their experience & product selection via social media.

Tangiblee is on track to roll out augmented reality experiences for the other retail categories such as Furniture, Home Décor, Fashion Accessories, and Handbags by early  2021.

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