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Explore the New and Improved Tangiblee Website

Meredith Gravely
September 5, 2023

We are constantly looking to improve our clients’ experience when engaging with our site. Ensuring that every aspect of is easy to use and informative is crucial. Given that we focus on enhancing the customer experience on our client's website, our own website must deliver an exceptional user experience.

In the fall of 2021, we launched our new website equipped with solution descriptions and category pages. However, we have continued to innovate and create new features resulting in a necessary update to the website. Read below to discover what’s new on

Inspiration Collection

The Tangiblee Inspiration Collection is one of the most exciting additions to the website in 2022 (so far). The Collection highlights the various customizations and brand styles Tangiblee has implemented on client websites across a variety of retail categories. Each item in the collection provides active, live designs of the Tangiblee experience on both desktop & mobile, along with descriptions of what features are enabled on their sites. Visitors can sort between client examples by retail category and features currently in use on their website.  

Visitors can view a variety of client examples that show the product features and customizations each client employs on their own e-commerce website.  Visitors can garner their own ideas and inspiration for their own website’s Tangiblee experience. New client experiences are being added to the Inspiration Collection every week as well as new and improved functionality to show even more features available.  

Category Pages

We service a multitude of industries, but the three main ones are: jewelry & watches, handbags, luggage & backpacks, and furniture & home decor. These pages have been updated with images that reflect our current UX and newly released features.

Visitors scroll through the page to find various features and functionalities best suited for the retail category. The Category pages are being continually updated with new functionalities being released every month from our product team.  

We’re excited to show off these latest additions to our website as we’ve been eager to better highlight the immersive shopping capabilities Tangiblee employs across hundreds of client websites, resulting in more than a “me-too” customer experience. These features have allowed us to work with the world’s top brands to provide AR shopping experiences quickly and at scale. For more details on the latest products features check out the new jewelry & watches, handbags, luggage & backpacks and furniture & home decor category pages.

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