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Jenny Wege

Sustainable jewelry retailer, Bario Neal, accelerates their e-commerce site with immersive shopping tech

Bario Neal

Bario Neal was founded in 2008 with the goal to create objects that represent deeply felt experiences, loves, and losses. With environmental implications at the forefront of their mission they pride themselves on creating exquisite pieces from ethical sources. Co-founders Page Neal and Anna Bario have committed themselves to creating an ethical and inclusive jewelry company. 

Bario Neal has grown to two flagship stores in New York City and Philadelphia. They have been featured in world-renowned magazines such as Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Elle, and more. The sustainable jewelry retailer is focused on building not only a jewelry e-commerce store, but also a brand. 

To elevate their customers’ experience Bario Neal decided to invest in an immersive shopping technology.

Challenges: Elevating the brand through online retail technology

Bario Neal was looking for 2 things: 

  1. Specialized personalization and customization for their customers
  2. Increased Revenue Per Visitor (RPV)


Revenue per Visitor

Jenny Wege

Bario Neal was looking for a solution that they could customize to match their brand aesthetic. Many solutions come with a set UX design that cannot be changed. This can make the solution seem unnatural and separate from the actual website. Additionally, they wanted their customers to have a personalized experience online. This includes allowing their customers to virtually try on items, create stacked looks, compare items to address sizing, and interact with inclusive on-model imagery. 

Bario Neal is focused on their brand, not just their e-commerce jewelry site. They wanted a solution that not only enhanced their customers' experience, but also a solution that they could put their stamp on.

While aligning with the brand was important, Bario Neal was also looking to increase their revenue per visitor. When customers are shopping in-store, they are able to try on multiple items at once to create a stacked look which in turn increases revenue per visitor. Bario Neal wanted their online customers to be able to do this as well. 

Tangiblee was able to deliver both of these things and more for Bario Neal.

Enter Tangiblee: Exclusive customization and interactivity for online shoppers

When online shoppers come to a site, they aren’t able to browse as freely as they can when in-store. While in-store, a customer can leisurely browse products and fully experience them, whether by touching, comparing to other items, or trying them on; however, online shopping can feel like they are wading through endless product listing pages (PLPs). It isn’t as easy to just browse when you have to go into a product description page (PDP) and then back to the PLP every time you want to view a different product.

A cumbersome online shopping experience discourages customers from unintended or spontaneous purchases, instead usually leading them to find what they are looking for and head to check out. Alternatively, the in-store experience encourages walking around and browsing the store, which can lead to purchasing additional items. Tangiblee was able to offer a solution to allow customers to still engage with multiple products at once online with jewelry stacking. 

Jewelry stacking provides online customers with the ability to try on multiple complementary items at once. They can personalize a look that fits them and with dynamic reference items, Bario Neal can offer custom recommendations to their online shoppers. This experience not only elevates the online shopping experience, but also helps to increase RPV. 

Jenny Wege

Results: Impressive increase in revenue per visitor

Bario Neal engaged with Tangiblee in the Winter of 2021 and quickly signed a contract in March of 2021. 

Tangiblee has already proven themselves with impressive results from numerous other online jewelry retailers. Bario Neal was eager to see what kind of results they would be able to achieve.

In Q1 of 2022, Bario Neal saw a 159% increase in revenue per visitor. Customers were purchasing more items during their visits than before Tangiblee. Additionally, Bario Neal saw a 189% increase in conversion rate. Customers were more confident to finalize their purchases when shopping online with Tangiblee.


Conversion Rate

Jenny Wege

What’s Next: Continued support and integration

“Bario Neal has been a great client to work with. Their team is passionate about their brand and easy to communicate with,” remarked Matt Pettigrew, VP of Sales at Tangiblee. “Going forward we are excited to bring new innovative features to Bario Neal and continue supporting their full catalog.” 

Bario Neal looks to continue making a name for themselves in the jewelry industry while maintaining their commitment to sustainability. Tangiblee is committed to accelerating Bario Neal’s online experience for the foreseeable future.

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