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Andrea Mascaro

Lux Bond & Green Immerses Customers In An Interactive Online Experience With Tangiblee

Lux Bond & Green

Lux Bond & Green

First established in 1898, fifth-generation family-owned jewelry retailer Lux Bond & Green has the distinction of being one of the oldest continuously-operating jewelers in the United States. Today, the company operates five locations throughout Connecticut and Massachusetts. Working with some of the largest and most respected brands in the world, the company also operates a digital shop which has become a central tool for both shopping and customer education. 

Lux Bond & Green prides itself not just on exceptional quality and customer service, but also on augmenting the customer experience with cutting-edge technology. To that end, they recently began looking for a way to increase engagement in their online store, building customer confidence which in turn helps to reduce returns and lower their costs. Representatives from luxury watch brand Tudor suggested the company explore Tangiblee — they've been working with us ever since. 

The Challenge: Bringing An In-Store Experience Online

The shift from physical retail to online shopping disrupted many jewelry and apparel companies, but Lux Bond & Green refused to be one of them. They knew they needed a way to more effectively communicate product sizing to their shoppers — a solution that would allow prospective customers to visualize an item's sizing without having to set foot in-store. A way for customers to build a connection with a piece and understand how it would look on them. 

“Shopping for a watch or a piece of jewelry is very personal. In today’s day and age it is important that we still provide this personal shopping experience to our customers regardless of where they shop”

Andrea Mascaro, Marketing Director at Lux Bond & Green.

They also recognized that online shopping gave them an opportunity for deeper insights into the buyer journey. With the right tool, Lux Bond & Green could learn more about what their customers want and how people engage with their website. They could then leverage that knowledge for even further optimization, driving conversion rates in the process.  

Enter Tangiblee

Lux Bond & Green reached out to Tangiblee shortly after speaking to Tudor. 

Specifically, they were interested in our Lifestyle Content and Virtual Try-On features. Lifestyle Content uses existing product images to generate photorealistic content, providing shoppers with fresh, interactive, and accurately scaled imagery on each product page. Whereas with Virtual Try-On, customers can use augmented reality to visualize how a product might look on them in the real world. 

The retailer concluded that the two solutions were exactly what they were looking for — and that with Tangiblee, they could help customers build a deeper connection with both their products and their brand. 


Tangiblee accomplished exactly what Lux Bond & Green initially set out to do. The solution greatly increased engagement on the company's product detail pages, consequently leading to a 55.42% increase in conversion rates. This also resulted in lower product returns, though this was more of an extra benefit — Lux Bond & Green's true focus was always on providing a better experience for their customers. 

“Our team was ecstatic with the results we were able to provide the Lux Bond & Green team. Their brand is truly timeless and a staple in the jewelry industry, so it was an honor to have the opportunity to partner with them,” stated Danalyn Balbas, Account Manager at Tangiblee.


increase in conversion rate

for users who interacted with Tangiblee

Andrea Mascaro

Lux Bond & Green saw a positive reception to the stacking feature, which resulted in a 7.06% increase in revenue per visitor. This feature enables customers to try on multiple products within a retailer’s catalog to create a custom stacked look.

The additional photos generated through Tangiblee have also helped Lux Bond & Green reduce operating overhead, as they no longer need to worry about creating product imagery on their own. Lux Bond & Green can rely on Tangiblee to produce photorealistic model imagery without any additional photoshoots. 

“Model imagery is a massive part of our website and it can become very expensive and time-intensive,” states Andrea Mascaro. “Tangiblee’s Lifestyle Content feature takes a massive weight off of our shoulders and reduces our operating overhead, without compromising our brand or customer experience.”

Andrea Mascaro


“We are incredibly excited about the results we have seen with Tangiblee and are eager for upcoming features that will further enhance the customer experience,” states Andrea Mascaro.

Lux Bond & Green's partnership with Tangiblee has proved incredibly beneficial to the company up to this point, but the best is yet to come. 

Andrea Mascaro

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