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Donna Felix

Luxury Membership Club Vivrelle Gives Members a Premium Digital Experience with Tangiblee


Our closet is your closet. 

That's the slogan of Vivrelle, a first-of-its-kind luxury fashion club that aims to reimagine the way consumers experience luxury in everyday life. Valuing experience above ownership, Vivrelle operates on an elevated try-before-you-buy model. Subscribers can borrow items from some of the world's top luxury brands, experiencing them for as long as they like without the price tag that usually entails.

There is no limit to how long a member can borrow an item from Vivrelle's closet, and they can choose to swap them for something else whenever they like after their initial 30 day borrowing period. Encompassing the true meaning of a membership club, Vivrelle also offers a range of exclusive club perks provided by high end partners such as the Four Seasons and Sakara Life.  

Perpetually on the lookout for ways they can improve the membership experience, Vivrelle recently determined that members were having trouble understanding item dimensions from sizes listed on product pages alone. The company immediately began searching for a solution. This search eventually led to Tangiblee.

The Challenge: Visualizing Luxury

Portraying the scale of items without having customers interface with them in person is a familiar problem for any digital fashion retailer. Even the most intricately-detailed product page is no substitute for direct interaction with a product. As a result, consumers have largely had to take it on faith that what they're buying — or borrowing — will fit comfortably. 

For Vivrelle, this did not fit their premium offering; they knew there had to be a better way to bring value to their members. 

"We have always displayed multiple photos of each item on our website alongside other product information," explains Donna Felix, Head of Product at Vivrelle. "However, there was no way for members to visualize an item's physical size and dimensions other than visiting our in-person showroom or mentally gauging the measurements on the product details page. We want our members to feel like the items in their closet belong to them while they are borrowing, but it's difficult if their choice of the month doesn’t end up being the right size or style for them. We concluded that this needed to change."

Enter Tangiblee

Vivrelle immediately began exploring methods through which members could quickly assess the dimensions of items they were interested in borrowing. As part of this search, the company looked at other digital fashion brands. During a visit to a luxury retailer's website, Vivrelle discovered Tangiblee, which seemed an ideal solution for their use case. 

Vivrelle particularly loved the plug-and-play nature of the solution, which was perfect for the retailer's incredibly busy team. Aside from being a value add for members, getting the solution up and running was both seamless and painless. Tangiblee required no downtime, nor did Vivrelle need to spend any resources on configuration. 

Shortly after Vivrelle engaged with Tangiblee, the solution was up and running on their site.


Tangiblee has been a great success for Vivrelle, and reception has been incredibly positive. Vivrelle’s customer service team has cited Tangiblee as the primary reason for fewer inbound inquiries regarding item size and fit.

“Our members’ particularly love Tangiblee’s side-by-side comparison of a handbag or piece of jewelry in our collection to a standard iPhone or iPad, as well as the ability to compare the item to another piece in our collection,” stated Donna Felix.

Vivrelle has also seen incredible quantitative results including a 23.45% open rate for Tangiblee’s “see item size” CTA on its product pages. It is clear that Vivrelle’s customers seek out the feature as a result, feel more confident when selecting their next item to borrow as part of their membership after interacting with Tangiblee.

“Vivrelle offers a unique business model,” states Danalyn Balbas, Account Manager at Tangiblee. “While their membership-based business is different from other retailers we work with, their customers are the same. They are looking for experiences that allow them to connect with brands in the virtual world.”


Open Rate

for Tangiblee's "see item size" CTA

Donna Felix


Vivrelle has always put considerable emphasis on the member experience — up to and including its digital catalog. 

With Tangiblee, the retailer is able to offer a more immersive, engaging and satisfying experience overall — and just in time. Vivrelle's member base is growing quickly, and they continue to add new inventory to their collection on a weekly basis.  All the while, the company is launching with new partners and offering more perks to members, such as a recently-announced exclusive partnership with Four Seasons earlier this year. 

"We pride ourselves on providing members with a premium, white glove offering that they are obsessed with," Donna Felix explains. "Tangiblee is now a big part of that experience. Their solution allows us to provide members with confidence that they will love the item they borrow — leaving them more satisfied overall."

Donna Felix

Donna Felix

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