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Julian Guevara

How Tangiblee created a consistent shopping experience for reseller What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around

What Goes Around Comes Around (WGACA) was founded in 1993 with the mission to create a space where vintage shopping could have a point of view, with a commitment to authenticity and an elevated experience for the client. They focus on elevating the traditional vintage shopping experience into a high-fashion luxury experience.

Experts at WGACA have traveled the world for more than 25 years creating a custom collection of luxury bags, accessories, and apparel. These luxury and sometimes rare items come from big-name brands such as Chanel, Hermes, Louis Vuitton, Gucci, and more. 

WGACA has two flagship stores in Soho, New York City, and Beverly Hills, California, and plan to extend to multiple other locations in the coming years. However, their team knows that shopping trends are shifting and they have to pay attention to their e-commerce experience just as much as their store experience. With this in mind, WGACA began researching various solutions to help elevate their online shopping experience and discovered Tangiblee.


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Julian Guevara

Challenges: Creating a consistent experience

WGACA has a lot of inventory coming in and going out and it is difficult to create a consistent experience for their customers with product imagery. Additionally, the products are all high-end luxury products with a large price tag. A customer who is making a major purchase online wants more than a few product images.

WGACA needed a solution that could create an engaging and immersive experience for their customers while also boosting their buying confidence. Additionally, they needed a solution they could customize to their brand that would be suitable for these luxury items. Maintaining the brand aesthetic across their website was very important to them. Tangiblee was able to meet this customization requirement and service many of their categories including handbags, watches, luggage, and jewelry.

“Many solutions that we looked into were a ‘one size fits all’ kind of deal,” stated Julian Guevara, VP of Direct to Consumer at WGACA. “We are selling ultra-luxury items that can oftentimes be rare, so we needed a solution that could do these items — which are often more like pieces of art — justice. And when we found Tangiblee I knew we had found the perfect fit.”

Julian Guevara

Enter Tangiblee: Boosting conversion through custom experience 

While browsing other retailers’ websites, WGACA noticed that leaders in the industry were offering their online customers interactive and engaging experiences. Several of the big-name brands were using Tangiblee’s solution to provide Virtual Try-On, Compare To, and more. 

"Selling pre-owned luxury products online serves many challenges. It's much easier to convert sales in person when the client can verify the product's condition and try it on, especially with how high our price points can get," remarked Julian Guevara. "We knew we would need to offer an immersive shopping experience to provide our customers with the most realistic shopping experience possible online."

“WGACA reached out to us in the Fall of 2018 and within 2-3 weeks, Tangiblee was live on the website,” said Matt Pettigrew, VP of Sales at Tangiblee. “We focused on meeting their expectations in terms of customization and we knew the business results would follow.”


Revenue Per Visitor

Users that interacted with Tangiblee

Julian Guevara

Results: 200%+ increase in conversion 

Tangiblee was implemented across over 14,000 SKUs and multiple categories on WGACA’s website. WGACA and Tangiblee have been working together since 2018 and the results have been staggering. 

WGACA saw a 227.81% increase in Conversion Rate and a 221.49% increase in Revenue Per Visitor with Tangiblee. 

“We were pleasantly surprised by the business metrics we saw after implementing Tangiblee,” said Julian Guevara.

“The Tangiblee team was very responsive and transparent about results. We were able to monitor results on our own and Matt always kept us in the loop.”

Tangiblee is able to equip new SKUs with the solution quickly and at scale to avoid any impact on experience or results.

Tangiblee On Model experience

What’s Next: Continued innovation and support

“We look forward to working with WGACA as they continue to grow their company,” remarked Matt Pettigrew. “They have grown immensely in the short time that they have been with us and we are excited to support them throughout their growth.”

WGACA is currently opening more storefronts across the United States and focusing on expanding their business. Tangiblee looks forward to assisting WGACA in their omnichannel approach and continuing to deliver impressive results.

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