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Are there additional steps I can take to speed up the loading time of our CTA?

There are adjustments that you can make if you are looking to speed up the appearance of the CTA on your product page.

The simplest solution is to add our snippet directly to your platform (SFCC, Shopify, Magento, etc.) instead of injecting it through a Tag Manager (GTM, Tealium, etc.) to the end of the body or header–but it should be asynchronous.

If the above recommendations still don't meet your expectations, there are some additional steps that can be taken but require additional work/maintenance from your side, such as creating your own CTA image (simulation) file that loads first with your product page, on Tangiblee-approved products.

Once our script loads, it will replace your simulation CTA with our actual CTA. This will make it appear as though our CTA is loading quickly. If you do this, you'll need to create a variable that when the user clicks it, the variable will change the status and will open the widget automatically upon click.