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Providing your own CTA design

Some clients prefer to provide their own CTA design. Below are ways that our team can implement your CTA design from most to least desirable:

1. Open file

First prize is getting an open design file (Figma/Adobe XD) = with editing access.

  • We will not edit your document! We copy and paste the designs into a new document so that any changes made afterwards are internal.

2. Prototype link

Second prize is getting a prototype design link, with specs access.

  • Allows us to view designs and specs of components.
  • Our team will then recreate your CTA from scratch.

3. Zeplin link

Third prize is getting a Zeplin link from the client’s Zeplin.

  • We need Developer access for all team members (Design and Dev), in order to view specs.

4. Dry specs

Last prize is getting just specs in writing.

  • Icon (”svg” file)
  • Font name (font “ttf” file if possible)
  • Font size
  • Font weight
  • Hex code colors
  • Button size (width and height in pixels)
  • Placement on PDP
  • Padding and margins in relation to other PDP elements (for example: 16px within the product image from left and top)
  • Designs for both desktop and mobile CTA
  • All CTA states (default + hover)

[.bad]Our team needs one of the options above, not all four.[.bad].