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Data studio reports and events descriptions

If requested, Tangiblee can provide further analytical insight into behavior within our widget by providing Data Studio reports that go beyond the reports provided within our TMP.

Examples of these reports include Open Rate by individual SKU, category, sub-category, or most selected comparison item.

Below is a list of all the reports available on Data Studio:

  • Users, Time, Open Rate. v1
  • Open Rate by SKU. v2
  • Time In Widget by SKU. v1
  • Open Rate by CTA. v1
  • eCommerce - Use vs. Not Use. Overview. v1
  • eCommerce - Use vs. Not Use. Transactions. v1
  • eCommerce - ATC vs. In-Widget ATC. Transactions. v1
  • eCommerce - Use vs. Not Use - Lift by Category. v1
  • eCommerce - AR vs. Not AR. v1
  • Widget Modes - Default and Selected. v1
  • Widget Experiences - Switches. v1
  • UI Actions, Top Selected Items - STD. v1
  • UI Actions, Top Selected Items - AR. v1
  • Selected Items by Widget Experience. v1
  • ATC Rate - Use vs. Not Use. v1

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