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What can I see in the Tangiblee Management Portal?

This article describes and outlines all the terms, acronyms and definitions used in Tangiblee analytic reports available on Tangiblee Management Portal.

What is Audience Usage?

Audience Usage is the breakdown of how many customers are seeing our button on your Product Description Page (PDP) and how many customers are engaging with it. 

What results can I see in the Audience Usage tab?


What is E-commerce Performance?

E-commerce performance is the breakdown of key business metrics and how they have been impacted by the implementation of Tangiblee. 

What results can I see in the e-commerce performance tab?

What is Active & Processed Products?

Active & Processed Products is a breakdown of the product SKUs that Tangiblee has serviced within the last 30 days. Given that this report is for the last 30 days the number of active products may show higher than what you currently have on your website. 

What results can I see in the Active & Processed Products tab?

What constitutes a Bad SKU?

A product SKU that Tangiblee attempted to process but was unsuccessful.  Typically, this is due to one of the following reasons:

  • Product SKU dimensions are missing from the PDP (product detail page)
  • Product SKU image(s) quality is too low
  • Product SKU image(s) are positioned at a poor angle (too tilted)

What is important to note is that this is “bad product SKUs” of all time. There can be duplicated SKUs in here because if a change is made to the SKU ID or the product name we crawl it and collect that information again. If the number seems high it is most likely due to the fact that we are counting products that no longer live on your website or that have been changed.