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How does Tangiblee integrate with my e-commerce website?

Tangiblee collects all necessary product detail information directly from your website by crawling your website. More information on crawling can be found here. 

In parallel, Tangiblee integrates with your website via a single snippet. Simply add a Tag to your website and you're done. Tangiblee will provide you with this Tag that tailors our solution to your current Product Description Page (PDP) layout and ensures Tangiblee's CTA is shown on relevant PDPs. You can learn more about this integration here.

Tangiblee also provides access to a personalized analytics portal, known as the TMP, that allows you to view both Usage and e-commerce impact provided by our solution. In order to get the full value of this analytics portal, you will need to connect your Google Analytics (GA) to our portal*. Learn more about the integration with GA here. 

*Please note that this is optional.