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Product Imagery Requirements: For Furniture and Decor

Product processing in Tangiblee is a complex yet crucial task, as it determines the compatibility of your products with our solution.

This article outlines basic recommendations for enhancing input and output quality while covering as many products as possible.

Whether you are moving to the integration phase or seeking to improve the final results, it’s important to ensure the following requirements for your product imagery are met:

  • The image resolution should be a minimum of 1000 x 1000 pixels, while a preferred resolution is 2500 x 2500 pixels and 300 PPI/DPI.
    • If the image resolution is lower than specified, it can result in reduced image quality in the widget and associated processing challenges leading to inability of serving a particular SKU.
  • The image of your product should have a clear, white background and frontal projection.

Images Unsuitable for Processing

Tangiblee does not support product images:

  • Where the main product is overlapped by extraneous objects or there is a set of products
  • Where the product is cropped or has a peculiar angle
  • With watermarks overlaid over the product


To provide seamless processing and accurate representation of your products, we request to include such dimension details as height, width and depth on PDPs. This is essential for our team to handle each product correctly.