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What happens if my products don't have dimensions on their product page?

Tangiblee is reliant on both quality imagery and accurate dimensions in order to properly provide our solution. We typically require just one dimension in order to properly scale your product (examples of dimensions required for Jewelry).

If Tangiblee finds missing or inaccurate dimensions on a specific product, Tangiblee will simply not show our button on that individual product.  Instead, Tangiblee will continue to process and show our button on the other approved products in your catalog.

In order to remedy this situation, Tangiblee will provide you with access to view a list of product SKUs that were unable to be processed due to missing dimensions in the Tangiblee Management Portal (TMP). You are then able to provide updated dimensions for each of those products.

Our clients with large catalogs have found this as a helpful solution as they are not aware some of their products are missing dimensions.