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Lifestyle Image Search Criteria

Tangiblee has thousands of lifestyle models for you to choose from. 

During the onboarding process, Tangiblee’s implementation team will review your website and then provide you with a list of models that we believe match your website’s aesthetic that you can choose from. If you don’t like what you see, you can always request access to our library and we will grant you access or you can provide your own images. 

What if I want to use my own lifestyle models?

We have the ability to also use your lifestyle model photos, however, we do have some requirements for those photos. More can be found here

What if I don’t like the model images found in the Tangiblee Library?

Stock sites Tangiblee utilizes: iStock and Adobe Stock

Criteria for usable stock photos: 

  • Look for images that have no item on the wrist, hand, etc. 
  • Find images where the focus field is where you’re going to superimpose the item within our widget (ex. Image where wrist is the clearest point of focus)
  • Body part must be on a flat plane in photo. A slight turn of the wrist or hand doesn’t allow for the item to be properly placed because it is 2 dimensional itself
  • Photos must have slight spacing between fingers (rings) or body of model (watches/bracelets) to allot for the space of the item and ultimate placement
  • Body part must be centered as much as possible in photo. Steer clear of photos where the placement point is in the top/bottom ⅓ of the photo. This doesn’t allow for our zoom feature to have optimal impact when implemented
  • Shadow, body hair, and light need to all be consistent and even

Keywords/actions to search: 

  • Gender
  • Body part you’re searching for to place the item
  • Gestures that focus on the body part (crossing arms, hugging, shaking hands, etc.)
  • Everyday actions/situations that highlight said body part (ex. for watches/bracelets- drinking coffee, writing, typing, driving, etc.)
  • Include specific location words/phrases that have a certain aesthetic (ex. city, urban, country, restaurant, etc.)
  • Use key terms for focus/feel/frame for the photo you’re looking for (ex. isolated, candid, warm, etc.)


  • Filter pixel count for photos that are 5,000 width by 5,000 height
  • Filter just for images (both sites included video and illustration)
  • Search for creative shots (we are not able to use editorial shots for Tangiblee lifestyle images)

Lifestyle Images Photographers/Accounts

  • Use search criteria within these portfolios, as well
  • Use the “View Similar Images” tool when searching within the portfolios. It will introduce you to other photos with the same aesthetic while also finding other portfolios you can search through

Our suggested stock portfolios: 

iStock accounts: 




Adobe Stock accounts: 

Jacob Lund



Reach out to with any additional questions.