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Dynamic Comparison Items integration

Tangiblee can integrate your personalization engine’s outputs within its experiences to best serve your customers in the most consistent and curated way. Example use cases include embedding  “You May Also Like..”, “Recently Viewed,” or even “Wishlist” items into our Compare, see On Model, Virtual Design, or Virtual Try-On experiences.

Based on your API, we can extract products from any recommendation section on your page. Based on your preferences, we use a list of recommended items and display them in the Tangiblee solution through comparison mode.

In rare cases, some websites have an open source on the PDP where a list of product IDs is stored. We can extract those SKUs and then display them in the Tangiblee solution.

Initial research from the development team can provide feedback on a preferable method for integration.

See below for examples of APIs from 3rd parties:

SFCC - Einstein:

Einstein API:

Shopify Recommendations:

Shopify Recommendations API:

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