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What data does Tangiblee need to run and analyze A/B tests when using non-Google Analytic tools?

Tangiblee relies on Google Analytics to run and analyze A/B test results.

However, if your team does not prefer GA, and instead prefers to use tools such as Tableau, Amazon S3, and Adobe Analytics, we request that you export the data into sheets whose structure mirrors the templates below so we can analyze it:

Device Category (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet) Browser Variation (TNG ON/OFF) Date Transaction ID Product Name Product ID Product Revenue User ID
Example - Mobile Google Chrome ON 1/1/23 00000 Example 0000 $1000 0000
Device Category (Mobile, Desktop, Tablet) Browser Variation (TNG ON/OFF) Date User ID Session Count
Example - Desktop Safari OFF 1/1/23 0000 0000

It is preferred that these reports be exported daily so that we can analyze the A/B test most accurately and effectively in a timely manner.

The reason for the additional analysis is to filter out Noise from both Users and Data. To make sure we don’t have “Noise” data, we analyze the data to include a user only after they visit a product detail page (PDP) of a product supported by Tangiblee, where Tangiblee can have an impact (negative or positive) on the user journey.

For additional best practices regarding our A/B testing methodology, please get in touch with your Account Manager.

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