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How can I ensure the Tangiblee experience matches the branding and layout of my website?

Tangiblee is highly customizable. We match our experience including the call-to-action and modal to your website’s branding including fonts, colors, styles, etc. You can view many examples of this in our client gallery. 

What features are customizable?

Tangiblee offers you the opportunity to customize our solution fully. You can select from our available library of customizations or request your own. We can also partner with your design team to ensure we maintain your brand aesthetic. 

It is important to note, however, that Tangiblee has best practice configurations that we recommend based on our numerous deployments with hundreds of websites and ongoing testing:

What type of features does Tangiblee offer for my product categories?

You can view the features for jewelry and watches here. 

You can view the features for furniture and home decor here. 

You can view the features for handbags and luggage here. 

You can view the features for all other categories here.