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Positive consent according to the EU regulations

Tangiblee has established a step-by-step process to obtain consent from users, where applicable.

Here are those steps outlined:

  1. A user clicks the Call to Action (CTA) on the Product Detail Page (PDP).
  2. The user is presented with a consent screen - whereas a positive consent action is for the user to click "Start Taking Pictures".
  3. At that point, the user can click "On Model" or “Compare” as negative consent. We can also add a "Back" CTA below the "Start Taking Pictures" CTA if needed.
  4. If the user clicked "Start Taking Pictures", another dialog will appear, fired by the Operating System, that asks for specific consent to access the camera, showing "Accept" and "Cancel" CTAs.
  5. Only if the user clicks the “Accept” does the camera open, enabling the user to take pictures. The user has to proactively click 3 CTAs in order to open the camera.

Positive Consent falls into the above user flow. Also, for reference, when looking at GDPR and Cookie acceptance, there are many companies that implement a dialog box with “Accept” or “ Cancel” and do not require a checkbox in addition.

*Please note: This only applies to features that use AR mode.

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