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Can Tangiblee provide me with marketing insights?

Tangiblee provides access to an analytics portal that provides insight into usage and conversion impact provided by integrating Tangiblee into your website.

In addition to integrating with a retailer’s Google Analytics (or any relevant analytics software), Tangiblee can also collaborate with your marketing platform (i.e., email) to track a report on which individual customers use or do not use Tangiblee. Some retailers see value in this feature for retargeting across various platforms.

The agency that manages your retargeting can subscribe to the events (ex: onModalOpened (onModalOpened:function)) made available by our javascript API on the various product pages Tangiblee serves.

For this type of integration, we recommend a deeper conversation with your Account Manager to unlock the full value that Tangiblee can provide to your marketing team, including content, assets, and behavior data.

Here is a reference for a client who wants to push Tangiblee events into Klavyio, a very popular Marketing Platform.  You have to fill in the callbacks outlined in this article.

Below are some example articles from the Klavyio documentation archive that a retailer’s agency can use to configure accordingly: