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How does Tangiblee integrate with Shopify?

How does Tangiblee integrate with Shopify?

Tangiblee integrates with Shopify much like we integrate with all other e-commerce platforms using our Managed Integration. This is typically done via Tag Manager or by publishing our snippet directly to your product page templates.

Typical Journey for Direct Installation in Shopify if not using Tag Manager

  1. Go to Online Store
  2. Select Themes
  3. In the Live Theme section, select Actions
  4. Select Edit Code
  5. Add the Tangiblee Integration Script in the end of the {% endcapture %} block in the correct template (ex. product.liquid)

Tangiblee also provides analtyics and data to our Shopify clients through our TMP. In order to configure the TMP with your Shopify website, we request that you integrate your analtyics with our platform. Please reach out to your Account Manager for additional questions.

*Please note: If you use a vintage theme we may request additional permissions. Let your account executive know and they will provide those additional steps.

Additional Use Cases

Headless Shopify Oxygen

Headless Shopify Oxygen is Shopify’s latest environment. This environment requires additional integration. Below are the items needed for Tangiblee to integrate with this environment:

  1. On the PDP, we need information regarding all possible SKU variations.
  2. On the PLP, we need the special attribute with SKUs.

Shopify Plugin

Tangiblee is evaluating developing a Shopify Plugin. Please reach out to your Account Manager for additional questions.

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