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Why is Tangiblee using sharedadmin email for GA access?

In some specific cases, Tangiblee will request various levels of permissions via the following email address: Sharedadmin@triplenext.com

*See here for an example article where Edit permissions are requested in the context of setting up analytics reporting within the Tangiblee Management Portal (”TMP” for short)*

Who is “Sharedadmin@triplenext.com”?

To clarify, “TripleNext” is the legal name & entity for our Development team, whereas “Tangiblee” is the name of our product. “Sharedadmin@triplenext.com” is a shared email address used by our Development team to simplify permissions requests where possible for the client's benefit. Please note you may also communicate with other “@TripleNext.com” email addresses when working directly with individual Development team members across items including but not limited to GA Setup, Report Configuration, alternative forms of Integration, A/B Testing, etc.

Please get in touch with your Account Manager directly if you have any additional questions or concerns relating to this topic.

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