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Submitting a Product Feed to Tangiblee

Tangiblee will crawl your website to collect all necessary product data and imagery by default. Crawling is the recommended approach for Tangiblee to obtain your product information.

Alternatively, if you do not prefer the default crawling methodology for any reason, Tangiblee can access and collect all necessary product data and imagery through a product feed. For more information please see details below:

What information does Tangiblee need in order to receive your Product Feed?

  1. Feed Access credentials (if required):
       a. Access URL
       b. Username and Password
       c. Port Number
       d. Protocol (http, ftp, or sftp)
  2. Feed management details:
       a. How often is your feed updated?
       b. Is it actively managed?
  3. IP Whitelisting
       a. Please inform us if any whitelisting is required so we can share with you all relevant Tangiblee-side IP addresses.

What criteria is to be provided within the Product Feed?



Product Title

Name of the product as shown on the PDP


The SKU ID for a particular product or product variant

Product Detail Page URL

Direct link to the product on your website


Category to which said product belongs (Ex: Earrings, Necklaces, or Rings)


Price as shown on the PDP


(If applicable) The Gender that the product is marketed towards or mapped to, by default

Product Description

Description of the product as shown on the PDP

Product Image URL's

Direct link(s) to all images of the product on your website (Note: these links should open a photo of the product directly when opened in a web browser, not a link to your website)

Product Dimensions

All available dimensions of the product (Height, Width, Diameter)

Note: Please share any naming conventions that differ from the above criteria to ensure proper integration.

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