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Why Managed Integration is the preferred integration type for clients

While we do offer the Semi-Managed integration type, we find that in 99% of cases where chosen, the client ultimately switches / reverts back to the Managed integration type, as the Semi-Managed integration type puts all the responsibility on the client, and their 3rd parties, for maintenance, and reduces Tangiblee’s ability to provide as much value by way of service level and management.

  • For example, with the Semi-Managed integration, we won't be able to...
  • ~~pivot quickly to support you in reactive changes requests
  • ~~~i.e. if SKU ID changes, we will not know, and will rely on your proactive outreach/education
  • ~~know the root cause of problems (the code is stored on the client's side, we won't be able to know the exact place of the issue)
  • ~~debug (" ")
  • ~~set up analytics (after the changes in the events without timestamp we would need to set the analysis up again from scratch);

Please consider the short list of top common issues above and let us know how you'd like to proceed.

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