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Multi-Cart Bundling Specification: SFCC

Multi-Cart Bundling Specification: SFCC


Multi-SKU bundling simplifies the user experience by enabling users to add a stack of multiple products to their cart with a single click.


To set up multi-SKU cart bundling for SFCC-based storefront, it’s typically requested to:

  • enable access to SFCC OCAPI endpoint for Tangiblee
  • provide client_id for API requests
  • share API version and siteID

How it works

Tangiblee will use 2 API endpoints.

1. API to retrieve product variants by product id (or product slug):

a. variation id;

b. price;

c. in stock availability;

d. option (size, color, etc)

GET: https://<client.domain>/s/Sites-en-GBSite/dw/shop/v17_8/products/<product_id>?client_id=<client_id>&expand=availability,prices,variations>

(where product_id is a master product id and client_id is provided by client)

  1. Push selected items to cart one-by-one by the variation id:

POST: https://<client.domain>/on/

The data is passed in the Request Body to the ATC endpoint:


As an option, we may also send a request to add selected products to the cart all at once using pidsObj:

pdsObj=[{ pid: variants[0], qty: '1' }, { pid: variants[1], qty: '1' }]


OCAPI docs:

CORS enabling: Salesforce Commerce Cloud Infocenter

AddToBag Controller: