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Static Imagery: Integration Types

Static Imagery: Integration Types

Enhance Your Product Pages with Tangiblee’s Static Imagery Generator

If your product catalog lacks sufficient images, Tangiblee is here to elevate your content for your entire catalog.  With the Static Images Generator, we offer a diverse catalog featuring products in various configurations that can be used on your Product Detail Pages, Product Listing Pages, on your Marketplace Listing, for Marketing Assets, or even be submitted to your Google Merchant Feed. Some examples for reference:

1. On Model

2. Virtual Room Design

These images empower you to provide users with comprehensive insights into your products.

Two Integration Options for Static Imagery:

1. via Tangiblee Javascript:

  • Client adding script as a static tag to the <head> of the PDP for faster execution.
  • Desktop devices may experience slight flickering (not applicable to mobile devices).
  • Images include a visible watermark.

2. via Server-to-Server API call:

  • Tangiblee providing secured endpoint, and whitelisting client’s IPs.
  • Ideal for use on PLP and Google Merchant Feed (or any feed).
  • Ensures faster load times without flickering.
  • Requires client development resources to trigger the API and accommodate changes in PDP layout and carousel.
  • Images include a visible watermark.

Feel free to reach out to your Account Manager to explore the possibilities and implement Static Imagery seamlessly. This offering is available for an additional cost.